Operating under the trade name Oscar 7 Security (Malta) since 2001, John Sacco and his associates provide close protection, training, investigations, cash and valuables in transit, secure vaulting and security management.

Our Services

1. Close Protection


Personnel with multi-tier response capability are engaged as Close Protection Officers by Oscar 7 Security to reduce or remove risk for persons and property. The members of our protection teams hail mainly from the military or law-enforcement agencies and have been trained locally and overseas. Our long-standing relationship with key members of the Police, Airport and the hospitality industry gives us an edge when providing a service. Our teams may also be deployed overseas.

2. Investigations

Through a network of private and government professionals worldwide and experience derived from working within the Police and Court environment, Oscar 7 Security is able to provide investigative services in cases involving criminal offences, due diligence, missing persons and suspicious insurance claims.

3. Security Management and Training

img5City Security Ltd. a Cash and Valuables Transit (CVIT) company and Eurochange Financial Services, re-developed a premises under the consultancy of Oscar 7 Security, using state-of-the-art international standard structural and security technology for cash-processing, vaulting and CVIT operations. Oscar 7 Security also provides these companies with other services including screening, recruiting and training of personnel, risk assessment and coordination of security operations. Through its local and foreign-based partners, Oscar 7 Security provides similar training and professional development to many individuals and corporate groups, with the aim of delivering knowledge and experience in security related techniques, processes and procedures.

Training and development courses are customised for the needs of its clients by trainers who design modules which provide professional development in a broad range of security disciplines. Oscar 7 Security and its associates design and deliver specialist training programs which are internationally accredited and clients have included:

  • United Arab Emirates police and paramilitary forces trained in close protection and crowd-control (on being contracted by Counter Threat Group, UK).
  • Immigration officers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malta trained in Tier 1 PEACE Interviewing Techniques and Profiling Skills.
  • Refugee Commission officers of the Ministry of Home and Parliamentary Affairs in Malta trained in Tier 1 PEACE Interviewing Techniques and Profiling Skills.